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Our Farm

Mad River Botanicals is a wellness company located in the mountains of Central Vermont. Our goal is to offer the highest quality products possible while taking advantage of the many great agricultural resources our little state has to offer by sourcing as many of our ingredients as we can from Vermont farms.

To this end, the majority of the plant material we use comes from our own farm. Kingsbury Market Garden is a certified organic farm that grows medicinal plants, hemp and produce. The farm is on the banks of the Mad River, the headwaters of which is just a few miles to the south. We nourish our sandy soils with compost, rock dust and cover crops and manage a woodlot that provides the lumber that we use to build and maintain our structures.

Our botanicals and hemp are dried in the top of our 1960s era Sears & Roebuck dairy barn by either hanging them or employing a forced air drier. Our extractions and formulations are done in Vermont by Northeast Processing. They use super cold certified organic ethanol extraction to produce the phytocannabinoid rich (pcr) full spectrum extract that is the base for many of our products.

Our intent is to offer a line of local wellness products that focuses on dealing with pain and stress as well as cold and flu symptoms. Please keep up with our offerings by signing up for our newsletter. There will be new products available as crops mature. Thank you for supporting plant based healing and local medicine!