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Meet The Farmers

Mad River Botanicals is a traditional New England farm in many ways. It is operated primarily by its owners, Tonya Howell and Aaron Locker, and Tonya’s three children pitch in regularly. Aaron does most of the tractor work, keeps the machinery running and the buildings standing. Tonya manages the business end of things including marketing, sales, and product development. We share in the farm planning, crop monitoring, harvesting and general hand-work.  

When not working on the farm, we bike, hike, swim and ski depending on the season, but most of the time we can be found in our kitchen, spending time as a family enjoying the bounty that our own farm and many other amazing small Vermont farms have to offer. The land we steward provides much of the food we eat, and the lumber we use to build and heat our home. We pride ourselves on our self-sufficiency and feel fortunate for the opportunity to do this meaningful work in such a beautiful place.

We strongly believe in organic farming practices for the health of our bodies and the health of our planet. Our passion is to make products that promote well-being, and to make those products as accessible to as many people as possible through honest pricing, and to be fully transparent about the ingredients, and the process through which we make them. 

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